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Merchant Navy Coaching in Chandigarh

Surbhi Academy
provides Merchant Navy Coaching in Chandigarh is a career opportunities whom want to join Indian Navy. There’s many institute centre provide coaching to clear Merchant Navy Exams. Surbhi Academy offers best classes and training tips how to join Indian Navy. It is a proud to be work in Indian Navy for our Nation.

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Merchant Navy, This career gives you information about shipping and helps you to choose your career in shipping it also sound good and solid career. Merchant Navy is about transportation of oil which stored in tankers and chemicals and liquid cargo etc through ships from one place to another place. This transportation going through ships in waters to national and international places. This is totally male oriented career, but there is no legal bar for

Merchant Navy Categories

1) Deck Department: –Manage ship navigation system, handling cargo gears, Spot instrument on the deck

2) Engine Department: –Responsible for operation and maintenance of ship’s machinery

3) Catering department: –Responsible for preparation of meals and general house keeping

Merchant Navy Ranks

The Deck  Dept Catering Dept Engineering Dept
Chief Officer Saloon Ratings Chief Engineer
2nd Officer 2nd Engineer
3rd Officer 3rd Engineer
TNOC (Cadets) 4th Engineer
Deck Ratings Junior Engineers
Engine Ratings

Eligibility Criteria for Merchant Navy

  1. 12th class with physics, chemistry & Mathematics
  2. Unmarried Indian Citizen Male or Female

Age limits: 16 to 25 Years

Documentation Required to Joining Merchant Navy

  1. Attested copy of Date of Birth

2.    Attested copy of 10th Class Mark sheet

3.    Attested copy of 12th Class Mark Sheet

4.    Attested copy of proof of Indian Citizenship, i.e. (Passport / Ration card / Election commission of India-Identity Card, etc.)

5.    Recent Passport size photographs (2 Photos)

6.    Original Certificates will have to be shown for verification at the time of admission / reporting.

After 12th Merchant Navy Courses

1. A four Year degree course BE Marine

2. The Two and half year course ATS (Alternate Training Scheme) For marine

3. B.Sc Degree Course

Physical Fitness

2.Skeletal System
3.Ear, nose and throat
5.Lymphatic System
6.Cardiovascular System
7.Respiratory System
8.Digestive System
9.Genitourinary System
11.Nervous System
12.Eye Sight

Ranks and Salaries

3.Support Services


Rank Salary Steps
Trainee Navigation Officer (Deck Cadet) Rs 25,00/- to 45,000/- pm 3 Years Degree (Nautical Science) + 4 STCW Modular Courses
Third/Second Officer Salary- Rs 90,000/- to 1,25,000/- pm 12 months sea service as TNO +Oral Examination (2nd Mate Certification)
Chief Officer Rs 2,20,000/- to 2,50,000/- pm 18 months sea service as second/third officer + 6 month first mate course+modular courses+written and oral exams
Master (Captain) Rs 4,00,000/- to 5,00,000/- pm 18 months sea service as a chief officer+1 month ASM course+modular courses+passing master exam

Types Of Ships

BULK CARRIER Many  type  of raw  at  a  time, i.e. Sugar, Cement, Phosphorous, ,Salt ,Stones etc…
GENERAL CARGO Many  type  of material  at  a  time, i.e. Pipes,  Electrical  goods, Steel Sheets , Food, etc..
CONTAINER CARRIER A Container takes cargo and  it is arranging port wise order to able to discharge without losing time factor
LIVE STOCK CARRIER Carry  live  animals  and  accordingly  cages  are  on board the Ship
REFRIGERATED CARGO SHIP Carry vegetables, fruits, Fish &  Meat
FISHING SHIP Ship  used for catching fish in high sea
CAR CARRIER This type of ships carry approx. 1900 numbers of cars, trucks. Some time there is arrangement of taking passengers also
PASSENGER SHIP Carry   more   than  1800  passengers, This type of ships  like  a  five star  hotel, Swimming  pools, a types  of   restaurant on the board the ship and many types of shops
CRUDE CARRIER Carry  Crude  Oil  and for which tanks are having heating system so that Oil cannot get frozen
PRODUCT CARRIER Carry  edible  as  well  as  petroleum product
CHEMICAL CARRIER Carries different types of Chemicals in the tank
GAS CARRIER Carries different types of Gases
Supply Ships Carry  Water, Barites, Cement  and  Fuel Oil  in  the  tank
Platform  Support  Ships  Which  always   stay  near  the  platform  and   help   platform   to handover the goods
Anchor Handling Ships These type of ships are Rigs & Drilling ships are remain fixed position due to the anchors which some time move due to heavy water waves so this type of  ship help them to bring back in the position
Dynamic Position Ships These ships surviving in one position in mid sea and do the job of welding, cable & pipe lying and under water survey
Crane Ships This  ships   are used to deliver  any  type of  material from Platforms/ Rigs/ Drilling Ship to Supply Ship or vice versa
Crew Boat This ships are  assistance to transport to around oil field area as well as seashore
Accommodation  Ships This  ships   used   for  staying persons  like  a  five  star  hotel, In this ship two to three workshop stations are kept
Multi Purpose Ship These ships are used For Multipurpose like workshop stations, hotels

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