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NDA Interview Questions And Answers 2018

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NDA Interview Questions and Answers 2018 – Check all NDA Interview Questions and Answers 2018. So, before attending it, you should prepare the NDA Interview Questions and Answers 2018 which are mainly asked in the interview which will help you to achieve your goal.

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NDA Interview Questions And Answers 2018

 Why did you give first preference as Army / Air Force / Navy?

Answer: when you are filling NDA Application Form for examination, aspirants get a choice to select Army / Air Force / Navy. So, the interviewer can put up this question, why have you preferred Army / Air Force or Navy?

Can you tell me What is the role of defense forces in our country?

Answer: If you are going to appear for an interview, you should have detailed information about the organization. The interviewer asked this question, so you should give the perfect and impressive answer.  The candidates must have entire knowledge about the organization, Candidates, who passed their 12th class and attending NDA interview.

 Which course will you opt after 10+2 if you could not become the official and why?

Answer: after 10+ 2, there are several opportunities available for additional studies. So, you can decide before attending SSB interview. Never say that it is a choice your parents that you will have become an officer. It will be reflected in your personality.

Why do you want to join Indian air force?

Answer: Normally, this forms of queries, asked in NDA Interview. Firstly, AN asker can raise you, why does one need to affix Indian air force? therefore, you want to provide a specific answer. Some participants answer that, they’d prefer to serve for his or her country and a few aspirants say that the uniform of Indian air force makes them feel proud and plenty of candidates say that, cash is additionally purposed to affix Indian military.

Will you come back again for SSB interview if you fail this time

Answer: interview may also place up that question, don’t be tense, he’s not signifying that he’s disabling you at now. At now, associate degree asker is examining your temperament. If you say, you return here for a selected reason, this sort of answer, definitely, is going to be effective for your temperament.

Did you do any special preparation for SSB?

Answer: Definitely, you probably did special preparation for SSB, thus tell him, Yes sir. I’m able to provide answers to your queries. you’ll be able to be practiced for SSB from numerous resources as well as current problems, learning magazines, obtaining tips from sites particularly devoted for SSB like SSB chink. once this answer, Associate in Nursing enquirer can feel that you simply have effort a great deal for this interview.

what are your weaknesses and how are you overcoming them?

Answer: It is the favorite question of recruiting panel and asked to know about the weakness of candidate. The main thing to remember while answering this question to not to tell your personal weakness. You must answer it in a positive way and with a better-overcome option.

what are your strengths?

Answer: This is the foremost asked question during which respondent should tell concerning his or her best ability like content strengths (computer talent, technical ability etc), Personal ability (flexibility, dedication, promptness, leading ability etc) and transferable skills (planning, analytical skills etc).

who is the general / Chief of India army, navy and air force?

Answer: While going for NDA interview you need to apprehend the solution to the present question otherwise you need to be disqualified. thus now

  • General of Indian army – Mr. Dalbir Singh Suhag
  • Chief of Navy – Mr. Admiral RK Dhowan
  • Chief of Air Force – Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha

Motivation Behind to opt for NDA

Answer: You must be ready for this question as you’ve got set your career in defense. you need to have a correct and realistic reason that what’s your motivation or why you’ve got set to affix National Defence Academy.

Some Technical Practical Knowledge NDA interview Questions

During interview interviewer will ask some question from Technical and practical part have a look –

 Is diabetic person is eligible to become officers in NDA?

Answer: No, a diabetic person is not eligible to become NDA officers

Is AFCAT exam is actually same as NDA NA exam and CDSE of UPSC?

Answer:  Of course, AFCAT exam is different from NDA & NA examination and Combined Defence Services Examination of UPSC as the purpose of both exams is not at same at all.

What do you know about Indian army, air force, and navy?

Answer: Indian army, air force, and navy are the 3 cadre services of the defense sector.

 What are the ranks of the Indian army, air force, and navy?

Answer: The rank of the Indian army, air force, and navy are as follows from top to bottom-

Army Air Force Navy
Field Marshal Marshal of the Air Force Admiral of the fleet
General Air Chief Marshal Admiral
Lt. General Air Marshal Vice Admiral
Major General Air Vice Marshal Rear Admiral
Brigadier Air Commodore Commodore
Colonel Group Captain Captain
Lt. Colonel Wing Commander Commander
Major Squadron Leader Lt. Commander
Captain Flight Lieutenant Lieutenant
Lieutenant Flying Officer Sub Lieutenant

How would you organize football match, even, birthday party etc

Answer: Give this answer very smartly to impress interviewer as they want to check your leadership and management quality

Some of the questions may be asked about your personal life like your background, education, family, friends, extra activities, hobbies etc. so also prepare such type of questions given in below segment –

  • Tell me 5 Sports news
  • Answer the same answers which you have filled in the PIQ form with the exact percentage you got (Eg. 87.68% )
  • So I have asked you many questions? Do you have any questions to ask?
  • Did you take any responsibility work in your academics? Describe it?
  • Tell 5 Inter-National and National Political news
  • Tell me something about your city
  • How would you organize football match, even, birthday party etc (Check leadership quality)
  • What are your father and mother do?
  • What is your weakness

Must remember these tips while appearing for NDA Interview round –

  • Keep a voice tone with positive and assertiveness.
  • Speak confidently, loudly, and with proper stops to take a breath.
  • Keep smiling face whereas respondent to the IO.
  • Always keep an eye fixed contact with the IO whereas respondent the queries.
  • Whatever you may answer tell in short with correct explanations. you’re given the prospect to specific yourself thus build the foremost of it.
  • When you area unit respondent, speak with confidence and build a correct eye contact.
  • Hesitation may be a main reason at the time to interview, it’ll be a nasty impression.
  • Never tell lies concerning your family, education, future scope and provides Associate in Nursing example of those topics.
  • Give a specific answer and take a look at to convey complete data concerning the question.
  • Give some examples of the solution, it’ll be effective.

Hope!!! Above declared NDA Interview queries and Answers 2018 are going to be useful for you, therefore better ofLuck for your interview. All of you’re suggested to should prepare all on top of mentioned NDA Interview queries and Answers which can, sure enough, assist you to meet your dream.

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