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PABT Coaching in Chandigarh

Pilot Aptitude Battery Test PABT Coaching in Chandigarh – Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT)

Pilot Aptitude Battery Test is an aptitude test designed and conducted for all those candidates who aspire and apply for a flying career in the Air Force. The main aim is to test the mental alertness, presence of mind and self-confidence of the candidate. It checks whether a prospective candidate has proper control over his nerves while he is flying an aircraft. For this, the candidate is put through tests including meter reading, flying test and drum test. You can take the test only once.

This Training consists of:

  • Meter reading in respect of Flight details.
  • Machine testing involving light control and alignment.

Since PABT test is once in lifetime and once failed you are out of flying dream forever, we do not take chance with your dream career, that’s why Surbhi Academy is equipped with highly dedicated ex flying Officers to train our SSB candidate. Cavalier India Training Academy gives you outstanding training on PABT on an imported PABT equipment from USA. Exposure with the same and Our training will make you confident and enable you to clear PABT at the SSB.

General – PABT Coaching in Chandigarh

It is mandatory for all candidates who have opted for the Flying Branch of the Air Force to clear the Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT). It is very essential to understand that since through this test the aptitude for flying an aircraft of a candidate is being assessed, it is only conducted once in a lifetime and you do not get another chance at it in case you fail to qualify it.

Hence, clearing the PABT is a mandatory prerequisite for Flying Branch in any service of Indian Armed Forces (including Aviation Corps). PABT is conducted only by Air Force SSBs.

What is Seen by the Assessor?

Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT) is a test conducted by Indian air force to check whether a candidate who desires to join as a pilot has natural qualities for flying an aircraft or not.

Candidates’ natural instincts, reflexes, alertness and concentration level is ascertained for flying of an aircraft. Also, is he able to control his nerves and remain composed even under pressure and impromptu unfamiliar situations?

Testing Procedure for PABT Coaching in Chandigarh

Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT) is a unique test to assess a candidate’s aptitude to imbibe training as a pilot. PABTcomprises the tests as given below:

a)    Instrument Battery Test (INSB).

b)    Sensory Motor Apparatus Test (SMA).

c)    Control Velocity Test (CVT).

Instrument Battery Test (INSB) is a paper pencil test and other two are machine tests conducted on a simulator.

Instrument Battery Test (INSB)

The Instruments Battery Test (INSB) comprises of two parts. This test mainly checks the ability of an individual to read and interpret the dials of an aircraft instrument panel.

Candidates will be introduced to aircraft instruments so that you can easily understand. The aircraft meters included in this test are.

o    Altimeter

o    Air Speed Indicator

o    Turn and Slip Indicator / Turn Coordinator

o    Compass Meter

o    Vertical Speed Indicator / Climbing or Diving Meter

o    Horizon Detector

After imparting the knowledge of these meters the candidate has to give test related to these meters. Those only who qualify this test are eligible to give machine tests.

Machine Tests

The machine tests include Sensory Motor Apparatus Test (SMA) and Control Velocity Test (CVT). These tests measure the psychomotor co-ordination skill of the individual. This test is just like playing computer games.

What if I Fail in PABT?

o    One who fails in PABT is not eligible for Flying in Armed forces.

o    You can not apply for flying again if you have failed in PABT.

o    PABT is conducted only once for an individual.

If I have Cleared PABT Earlier?

o    If you have cleared PABT earlier and applying again for flying branch then you don’t need to go for this test again.

o    You are just required to provide details of your PABT which you had cleared earlier.

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