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TOEFL Coaching in Chandigarh

TOEFL Coaching in ChandigarhTOEFL Coaching in Chandigarh – Tricity of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula is becoming an education and coaching hub for students of surrounding areas. For TOEFL coaching Chandigarh is one of the best options due to presence of many good institutes here.

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Getting higher education abroad is an increasing trend in the current scenario. Most of the institutes for higher education abroad require TOEFL score as a measure to gauge your English proficiency. Getting admission in good institutes is very difficult so if you get good TOEFL score that further elevates your chances of being admitted in a good institute.

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TOEFL Course in Chandigarh


IELTS coaching in Chandigarh

About the TOEFL test

TOEFL is a standardized iBT (Internet based test) test which administers your English language proficiency. It measures your ability to comprehend and use English at University level. This test has four core areas of testing i.e. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Your aptitude in these areas is checked to evaluate how well you can combine these skills to perform academic tasks.

Who takes the TOEFL test

TOEFL test is taken by students whose first language or native language is not English. Mostly it is undertaken as a prerequisite for admission into higher education institutes in countries where English is used or required. These students can be categorized under following categories:

  • Students who are planning to go for higher education
  • Learning programs for English language
  • Candidates aiming for scholarship or certification
  • Students and Workers who want to apply for visa

You can download PDF here TOEFL

Registration for TOEFL Test

You have to apply at least seven days before the test date to avoid late fees. Taking the TOEFL once costs between $160 and $250. You may register online, by phone, by mail or in person.

Although you can retake the test as many times as you wish after a period of 12 days, but it is recommended not to retake the test too many times. That is where coaching institutes help. You should give the test after through preparation.

Find more information about registration, visit ETS website.

Test Format for TOEFL Test

As already explained the TOEFL test has four sections- Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. The TOEFL iBT has a test total of 120 points—30 points per section.


This is a 20 minute session in which there are total of 6 tasks. 2 tasks are independent and other 4 are integrated. In this you have to listen and answer the questions. You are allowed to take notes to help you attempt the questions.


This is a 60 to 90 minutes session in which you have to attempt few passages followed by questions for each passage.


In a 60 to 100 minute session of reading test you get 3-5 passages with upto 14 questions for each passage.


You have to finish this session in 50 minutes. It has two tasks. One task requires you to write based on what is read or listened to and another task is to give your opinion on some topic.

This Infographic explains the TOEFL exam format in a clear way:

TOEFL Exam Format

TOEFL Coaching in Chandigarh

How to send score to University

ETS directly sends your scores to your selected institutes. Institutes do not accept photocopy of the score card. So before giving the test you have to select the institutes to which you want to send the score.

You can send score for up to 4 institutes. If you want to send score to more than 4 institute than you have to pay an extra fees for that.

Validity of Score

Score is valid for up to 2 years from the date of test. After that the score expires and you have to give retest for a new score.

Who Accepts TOEFL Test Score

As per ETS more than 9000 colleges in over 130 countries accept TOEFL score. Besides colleges many other organisations like immigration agencies- for issuing visas, medical and licensing agencies- for certification purposes, also accept TOEFL scores.

Most of the countries including USA, Australia, Singapore accept TOEFL score. Due to recent controversy Britain has stopped accepting TOEFL score.

TOEFL Coaching in Chandigarh

Preparation for TOEFL

In today’s competitive market for higher education, heavy preparation for the TOEFL is common, experts say. Earlier if you took coaching for preparation of the test you would be ahead of the competition. But now if you don’t do it, you’re behind, because almost everyone joins coaching classes to prepare for the test. However, with diligent studying, students are able to improve their language proficiency and meet score requirements.

Each section of TOEFL requires in-depth knowledge of the subject area. So a planned effective test preparation should span over several months.

There are many resources available to preparation like study materials, preparatory courses, etc. Whichever route you decide to take there will still be some scope for surprise on the test day.

It is a very lengthy test of three and a half hour duration and it helps if you take mock tests or practice tests to help you prepare.

Why Choose Surbhi Academy

  • Small Batch size.
  • Individual attention to every student.
  • Best Study Material
  • Computer based training.
  • Planned modules based study material.
  • Time restricted Mock tests mimicking the real test.


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