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Surbhi Academy is the best SSB Coaching in Chandigarh. SurbhiAcademy  one of the best coaching institute for SERVICE SELECTION BOARD (SSB) in Triciy – Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali.

We prepare students for SSB entrance exam (Army, Navy and Air Force Selection Boards for NDA, CDS, OTA,UES, SSC, AFCAT, TES, TGC).

Call for Free SSB Guidance: 9915109266

SSB Coaching Academy

We give Special Entry Scheme for Women Army Candidates (SCO, PC (SL),ACC), Navy Candidates (CW, SD, HET), Air Force Candidates (F (P), GDOC, Branch Commission and NCC) certificate candidates for all wing. We also offer coaching for CPF (AC), ACC and TA Written examinations.


Why Surbhi Academy is eligible SSB Coaching center in Chandigarh  ?

  1. We provide best study material for candidates .
  2. Our faculty team is highly qualified and experienced to deliver best coaching to candidates.
  3. Weekly mock test are conducted for candidates to analyze their performance and helping them understand their stand on their preparation.
  4. Friendly environment between faculty and students. Students get chance for group discussion and individual attention is given to students.
  5. Faculty is easily available to answer for candidates query.
  6. Student can easily reach coaching center from any part of the city.
  7. We build the ability and confidence in candidates to get good marks in exams.

NDA Coaching
Education Qualification Criteria  : 10+2 with math and physics or equivalent

  • Age limit                  : 16-19years
  • Sex                         : Only for Male


  • 1. Mathematics        : 300 Marks
  • 2. General Abilities : 600 Marks


Education Qualification Criteria : Candidates must possess the following Education qualifications

Indian Military Academy(IMA)/Officer’s Training Academy(OTA)  : Degree from a recognized university or equivalent

Naval Academy: Bachelor of Engineering

Air Force Academy : Degree of a recognized University with Physics and Mathematics at 10+2 level or Bachelor of Engineering

Age Limit :

  • Indian Military Academy : 19-24 Years
  • Air Force Academy         : 19-24 Years
  • Naval Academy               : 19-22 Years
  • Officers’ Training Academy :19-25 Years

Scheme of Examination

Indian Military Academy / Air Force Academy / Naval Academy : All the Question papers are  objective type.

  1. English        : 300 Marks
  2. General Abilities    : 600 Marks
  3. Elementary Mathematics: 100 Marks

Officer’s Training Academy:-  All Question papers are objective type.

  1. English                : 100 Marks
  2. General Abilities    : 100 Marks

Eligibility for Officer training Academy(OTA) Examination

Education Qualification Criteria: graduate degree with any desired subject.

  • Age Limit    : 19-25 Years
  • Sex            : Both gender are apply (male & female)

OTA Examination Structure

  1. Mathematics         : 100 MARKS
  2. General Abilities   : 100 MARKS

Eligibility for short service commission (SSB) Examination

  • Education Qualification Criteria  : Educational qualification for SSb Combined Graduate Level  exam is given below. Candidates must possess the following education qualifications.
  • Assistant Posts  : graduate from any recognized University.
  • sub Inspector post in CBI  : graduate  from  recognized University.
  • Inspector (Preventive Officer/Central Excise/ Examiner) Posts: graduate from any recognized University.
  • AEO in DoE Posts /Inspector of Income Tax Posts  : graduate from any recognized University.
  • Divisional Accountant Posts/Inspector of Posts Posts  : graduate from any recognized University.
  • Accountant/Auditor/ Junior Accountant Posts  : graduate from any recognized University.
  • Compiler Posts  :  graduate from any recognized University with Economics or Statistics or Mathematics as compulsory or Elective subject.
  • Tax Assistant/ UDC Posts  :  graduate from any recognized University.
  • Statistical Investigator Posts : Candidates must possess graduate with Statistics as one of the main subjects or graduate with Mathematics and Statistics as a papers studied in one year year/two years/all three years as the case may be) as one of the main subjects or graduate with Economics ( with Statistics as a paper studied in one year/two years/all the three years as the case may be) as one of the main subjects or graduate with Commerce (with Statistics as a paper studied in one year/two years/all the three years as the case may be) as one of the main subjects.

Age Limit   : – Following is the Age limit for SSC examination for below listed posts. There is age relaxation of 3 year for Other backward cast (OBC )candidates and 5 years for Schedule cast (SC)/shedule tribes (ST) category candidates.

  • Assistant Posts : 20- 27 Years.
  • Sub Inspector in CBI Posts : 20- 25 Years.
  • Inspector (Preventive Officer/Central Excise/ Examiner) Posts  : 18-27 Years.
  • AEO in Doe Posts/Inspector of Income Tax Posts : 18- 27 Years.
  • Divisional Accountant Posts / Inspector of Posts : 18- 27 Years.
  • Accountant/Auditor/ Junior Accountant Posts: 18 -27 Years.
  • Tax Assistant/ UDC Posts: 18 -27 Years.
  • Statistical Investigator Posts: 18- 27 Years.



Education Qualification Criteria: – Graduates from recognized University from 60% marks and have

Passed Math and Physics at 10+2 OR BE / B.TECH from a recognized University from 60% marks.

  •  Age Limit :- Candidates aged between 19-23 years. Candidates with Commercial pilot license(CPL) are exempted 2 Years in age.
  • HEIGHT:    162.5 cms


Education Qualification Criteria  :- Aeronautical Engineer(Electronics) and Aeronautical Engineer(Mechanical) candidates are minimum of four year degree qualification or cleared section A and B examination of  Associate Membership of(India) or Aeronautical  Society of India or Graduate membership examination of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers

  • AGE LIMIT – Candidates aged between 18-28 years.
  • HEIGHT : 157.5 cms(men) and 152cms(women).


Education Qualification Criteria –

Administration & Logistics  Graduates from recognized University from 60% marks and Post Graduates/equivalent diploma from recognized University from  50%  marks.

  • Accounts  Graduates(B.Com) from recognized University from 60% marks and  Post Graduates( diploma from recognized University from  50% marks.
  • Education –  Postgraduates from recognized University from 50% Marks.
  • AGE LIMIT – Candidates aged between 20-23 years for graduates and 20-25 Years for post graduates and LLB graduates  and 20-27 Years for M.Ed/PH.D/CA/ICWA .
  • HEIGHT – 157.5 cms(men) and 152 cms(women).


Education Qualification Criteria – 10+2 WITH MATHS AND PHYSICS

  • Age limit        : 16 1/2 T0 19 ½ Years
  • Sex               : Only for male


  1. Mathematic        : 300 MARKS
  2. General Abilities : 300 MARKS


Education Qualification Criteria –  10+2 (PCM) with 70% marks.

  • Age Limit -16½- 19½ years
  • Height  – 152 cm


Education Qualification Criteria –  Pre. final students of engineering course.

Age Limit – 19-24 years


Education Qualification Criteria – Candidates must possess the qualification of Degree Course in Engineering for Engineering Graduates and M.Sc in English/ MA/ Economics/ history/ Geography/ Pol Science/ Psychology/ Physics/ Chemistry/ Math’s/ Computer Science/ Chinese/ Tibetan/ Burmese/ Pushto/ Dari/ Arabic for AEC posts.

  • Age Limit : Age limit should be as follows.
  • Engineering Graduates Post  :- 20- 27 years.
  • AEC Post :-  23-27 years

sample paper of SSB Exam : SSB written test examination model questions with answers and detailed explanations for practice to prepare  as blow :

1.  Sanitation is related to Disease as ……… is to Accident.
(a) Doctor
(b) Hospital
(c) Bandage
(d) Cleanliness
(e) Precaution
Ans : Precaution

2. Which of the following numbers in this row appears a second time nearest to the beginning ?
4  2  3  1  5  6  3  4  6  4  7  3  2  1  5  8  6  9

(a) 1
(b) 3
(c) 5
(d) 2
(e) 6
Ans : 3

3. Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word from amongst those given below. A young man is ……… wiser than his father.

(a) never
(b) rarely
(c) much
(d) usually
(e) always
Ans : Rarely
4.  One of the numbers in the following series is wrong. Which number is it ?
1  6  2  7  3  8  4  9  5  10  7  11

(a) 3
(b) 1
(c) 7
(d) 9
Ans : 7
5. The first two statements given below are true. But the truth of falsehood of the third one is to be determined. All children in this class are good students. John is not a good student. Is john a member of this class ?

(a) Yes
(b) No
(c) Full details in not given
(d) Difficult to say
Ans : No
6.  A thermometer is related to Temperature as a Speedometer is to ………….. .

(a) Fast
(b) Automobile
(c) Velocity
(d) Time
(e) Heat
Ans : Automobile
7.  Fill in the blanks with the help of the list of words given below so as to make reasonably correct statements. Women are ………………… shorter than their husbands.

(a) usually
(b) much
(c) always
(d) never
(e) rarely
Ans : Usually
8.  Choose from amongst the words in brackets the one that is most nearly an Antonym of the first word in the sentence. Full is the Antonym of

(a) Hollow
(b) Light
(c) Thin
(d) Empty
Ans : Empty
9. Dry is the Antonym of

(a) Cold
(b) Slim
(c) Wet
(d) Flooded
(e) Cloudy
Ans : Wet
10. Unaided is the Antonym of

(a) Befriended
(b) Helped
(c) Watched
(d) Alone
(e) Lonely
Ans : Helped
11. Unlike is the Antonym of

(a) Similar
(b) Equal
(c) Inseparable
(d) Twin
Ans : Similar
12.  Exceed is the Anonym of

(a) Shame
(b) Shrink
(c) Just
(d) Miss
(e) Fall short of
Ans : Fall short of
13.  Allow is the Antonym of

(a) Refuse
(b) Deny
(c) Forbid
(d) Punish
Ans : Forbid
14.  Common is the Antonym of

(a) Strange
(b) Rare
(c) Valuable
(d) Peculiar
Ans : Rare
15.  Grow is the Antonym of

(a) Die
(b) Return
(c) Starve
(d) Diminish
Ans : Diminish
16.  Apology is the Antonym of

(a) Refusal
(b) Insult
(c) Satisfaction
(d) Dissatisfaction
Ans : insult
17. Complete is the Antonym of

(a) Partial
(b) Empty
(c) Small
(d) Indefinite
Ans : Partial

18. Indicate whether the following are true or false.

(a) London is situated on the bank of Spruce
(b) Jenner introduced vaccination
(c) Physics is a science
(d) Congo is situated on the Nile
(e)  Smoke was coming out of the electric train

Ans : a, b – True,      c, d, e – False
19.  Give the opposite (Antonym) of the following

(a) Rise           ___
(b) Credit         ___
(c) High           ___
(d) Multiply      ___
(e) Take care    ___
(f)  Add           ___

Ans : a  –  Fall, b  –  Debit, c  –  Low, d  –  Divide, e  –  Give, f  –  Subtract
20. Supply the missing numbers.

(a)  2    6    12    20    30   ?   56
(b)  1    4     9    16    25   ?   50
(c)  0    1      5    6     10   ?   15
(d) 38   35   31   26    20   ?   5
(e)  3    11    8    16    13   ?  18

Ans : a  –  42, b  –  11, c  –  21, d  –  13 , e  – 37

SSB Coaching Contact Information:

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ADDRESS: SCO 54-55, 3rd and Top Floor, SECTOR 34-A, CHANDIGARH, INDIA
PHONE: 9915109266, 9915337448

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